Sustainable holiday in Switzerland Nature at its most humbling in the Piora Valley © Alessio Pizzicannella.

10 ways to enjoy a sustainable holiday in Switzerland

We’ve found the best ways to experience Switzerland as an eco-conscious traveller.

Andre Eikmeier founder of The Good Emporium

Meet Andre Eikmeier, founder of The Good Empire

Andre Eikmeier is an advocate for sustainable living and making changes that are good for the world, facilitated through his platform The Good Empire.

Aspen Snowmass supports Australia. Ambassador Torah bright holding Australian flag.

Aspen Snowmass chips in for Australia during climate crisis

The Aspen Skiing company behind Snowmass are leading the way when it comes to protecting the environment and implementing sustainable practices.

Thredbo is now powered by renewable energy

Thredbo is now powered by renewable energy

Thredbo, one of Australia’s most prominent ski resorts, has recently announced that all its major resort operations will now be powered by renewable energy.

Six Senses Hotels successful coral restoration project

Six Senses Hotels’ successful coral restoration project

The dedicated sustainability team at the Six Senses Zil Pasyon resort has successfully completed the first stage of its coral restoration project.

Conservation in South Africa: I'll scratch your back...

Conservation in South Africa: I’ll scratch your back…

Tourism plus wildlife plus community equals Team Africa. We explore a region where conservation initiatives are making a difference.

The world's first long-haul single use plastic-free flight

The world’s first long-haul single use plastic-free flight

Etihad Airways recently operated a single use plastic-free ultra-long haul flight, proving it’s possible to implement sustainable changes on a large scale.

Goby the Fish: Meet the only fish that should eat plastic

Meet the only fish that should eat plastic

Meet Goby the Fish; the only fish that should plastic. Goby is an initiative by W Bali – Seminyak to help reduce plastic waste in Indonesia’s oceans.

Bawah Reserve

Bawah Reserve is the epitome of eco-luxe

The highly anticipated eco-resort Bawah Reserve, is now open, offering a super-luxe getaway amidst stunning natural surrounds

Peregrine Adventures focuses on sustainability

In response to growing demand for more sustainable cruises, the company has tripled the number of small ship adventure cruises in Europe for 2018

The ‘Rees bees’ community project

The Rees Hotel Queenstown’s new sustainability and community initiative

Ahura Resorts goes greener

An environmental specialist joins Likuliku Lagoon Resort and Malolo Island Resort, to help preserve Fiji’s unique ecosystem for future generations