Solomon Islands

Aerial view of Solomon Islands Discovery Cruises © Gerald Rambert

The unspoiled, underexplored and uncrowded Solomon Islands

The Solomon Islands offers visitors an island culture as fascinating as it is gentle. The Solomons are home to 650,000 people, on major islands.

Solomon Islands: The daily lobster

The turquoise sea in the Solomon Islands offers gourmet delights as well as war history, sublime snorkelling and rustic island resorts

Travel the Solomon Islands: The King's gold

Named after biblical King Solomon, these islands deliver so much more than treasure

P&O Pacific Partnership expands

After raising over one million dollars in voluntary contributions from passengers and special donations, two new community programs have been added

P&O Pacific Partnership expands efforts

The P&O Pacific Partnership is expanding its efforts in the South Pacific with two new community programs

Solomon Islands undiscovered

For an island vacation close to Australia, try the hidden paradise of the Solomon Islands

Solomon Islands

A growing number of Australians are discovering the unspoilt charms of the laid-back Solomon Islands

A Native Romance

From the beach bliss of Gizo to the aquamarine waters of tropical Tavanipupu, the Solomon Islands will make you swoon

Family ties in paradise

Jennifer Berry returns to the Solomon Islands to retrace her British family’s heritage and to sample the tropical splendour.