Lido Riva Caccia, Lugano

Switzerland city living: the best places to swim, dine and explore

Across the country, Switzerland’s cities deliver culture and nature in equal measure. Here are the best ones for swimming, dining and exploring.

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Swiss cities lost in translation

Switzerland Tourism has shared the correct way to pronounce five cities travellers seem to stumble over

Taste my Swiss City

Taste my Swiss City

Thoughtfully designed and compiled by locals, the latest culinary initiative by Switzerland Tourism is available in eleven cities

Seven stunning historic Switzerland hotels

Check-in to a range of historic hotels in Switzerland

Lucerne: Where history meets music

When strolling around the picturesque lakeside city of Lucerne, expect to lose yourself in its harmonious blend of historical and musical notes

Swiss hospitality: A fine blend of tradition, style, comfort

From budget accommodation options to five-star luxuries, Switzerland has long held a solid reputation for its world-class hospitality and services

Four Locations – One Unforgettable Train Journey

From majestic snowcapped mountains to glassy lakes and everything lush in between, train travel offers an unbeatable experience in Switzerland for the discerned traveller

Hotel Villa Honegg a Swiss star

The Hotel Villa Honegg is a spectacular fi ve-star property on Mount Bürgenstock in the heart of Switzerland