A moment of affection and humour captured between a young girl and an older tribes woman

11 reasons to add Ethiopia to your future travel plans

With a culture dating back centuries, a fascinating history, natural beauty and coffee – it is where coffee came from after all – Ethiopia has it all for travellers.

5 Mother's Day traditions around the world

5 Mother’s Day traditions around the world

Mother’s Day traditions around the world are quite varied, with interesting origins and meanings behind the holiday in different countries.

Suri tribesmen waiting for a stick fight (donga) to commence in the village of Kibbish in the North Western Omo valley

Chasing the Blue Nile in Ethiopia

Ethiopia is a treasure trove of historic sites, with incredibly beautiful natural attractions

Bowled over by Ethiopia

In Ethiopia, shopping for souvenirs delivers much more than memorabilia

A post-Christmas Christmas in Ethiopia

If you feel like taking a break from the traditional festive season but still want to celebrate Christmas, then Ethiopia is the place to go

Rock on in Ethiopia

Ethiopia has a treasure trove of sites to entice travellers seeking experiences off the beaten track

Ethiopia revealed

Ethiopia has emerged as a wonderful vacation destination, with a slew of attractions to please just about everyone

Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia

Australian travel writer Angela Saurine joined the Huma Charity Challenge and raised $10,000 for Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia…this is her story