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Great Wall of China - six must-see attractions in China

The 6 must-see attractions to visit in China

From walking the Great Wall to scenic cruises down the Yangtze River, here are the must-see attractions recommended by the expert guides at Wendy Wu Tours

Discover the hidden gems of Asia in 2018

Asia travel specialists Wendy Wu highlights some of the region’s most beautiful gems to inspire you on your next trip to Asia

The Pandas of Chengdu

The Chengdu Panda Base is one of the best places to visit these gorgeous creatures

Beijing's walls of history

Two visits with a decade in between, shows what has changed and what hasn’t in Beijing

China's Old Tea Horse Road

Lux* Resorts & Hotels has launched a five-day guided tour along the ancient trails of the 13th century Old Tea Horse Road in China

Breathtaking jewels of China

The breathtaking alpine nature reserve of Jiuzhaigou is one of a number of natural treasures to woo travellers in China