When you need a vacation without drama you need Switzerland

Earlier this year Roger Federer announced his new role as ambassador for Switzerland Tourism.

“I was really excited to have a worldwide campaign where I can invite people to Switzerland to highlight its beauty because I am so very proud to be from such a beautiful country,” describes Roger Federer his motivation.

The Swiss tennis star loves trips to all parts of the country in all seasons. Here he exclusively shows his favourites and places he still wants to discover himself. 

Roger’s Choices

The best-known ski areas

Switzerland is the original winter holiday destination, with a tradition dating back over 150 years. Just as Roger Federer is at the pinnacle of the tennis world, Switzerland is the ultimate destination for ski holidays.

Lauberhorn, Skier

Cool winter experiences

Keep cool! This applies not just to Roger Federer in a grand slam final, but also as a motto for icy winter experiences.

Albula Skateline

Optimal recovery

For both an elite athlete like Roger Federer and amateur athletes, recovery is the key to success. And one of the most exciting ways to recharge after a day’s skiing is a dip in a thermal bath.

Switzerland Roger Federer
Tamina Therme

Best of Swiss Nature

These examples of unique natural beauty invite you to linger, take a deep breath and recharge your batteries. Shaped over millions of years, the beauty we see today is relatively recent: areas that were still hidden under the ice as little as 500 years ago are now accessible and have revealed a host of impressive natural monuments. Immense forces have created bizarre rock formations and thundering waterfalls.

Kandersteg, Oeschinen Lake

City Experiences

Switzerland’s cities each have their own distinctive charms. Hardly surprising given that there are four linguistic communities packed into a small area. “Buongiorno” is the greeting that echoes around the castle walls in Bellinzona, while you will be welcomed with a “Bonjour” as you enter the Olympic Museum in Lausanne. In Chur, the oldest city in Switzerland, you are just as likely to hear “Allegra”, a greeting in Romansch-speaking Switzerland, while the ferryman’s “Griezi” is a familiar sound on the Rhine in Basel.

Basel, Rhein

A trip to the mountain

Roger Federer knows what it means to be right at the top. The tennis star loves Switzerland’s mountain peaks. These destinations offer “world-class” views. One example; the journey to the Titlis is truly an adventure in itself. First, take the TITLIS Xpress gondola to the middle station, then continue your journey in the TITLIS Rotair, the world’s first revolving cable car, all the way to the top.

Engelberg, Titlis Rotair cablecar

Hiking Trails

Tennis is not Switzerland’s national pastime – that title goes to hiking. And the same goes for Roger Federer when he’s not on the court. He too enjoys exploring his homeland on foot with friends and family. The chances of meeting the tennis ace in person would actually be pretty good, were it not for the fact that Switzerland has over 65,000 kilometres of hiking trails.

Switzerland Roger Federer
Aletsch Glacier


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