Stargazing in Big Bend National Park, Texas

Boasting acres of natural beauty complete with grand mountains, forsaken deserts and verdant forests, Texas’ Big Bend National Park offers a range of authentic back-to-nature experiences, such as stargazing.

Due to its isolated location, the park has one of the darkest skies in the world with the least light pollution of any other National Park in the lower 48 states.

On a clear night, you can expect to see around 2,000 stars, compared to just a few hundred in a medium sized city, including the one of the universe’s most breathtaking spectacles, the Milky Way.

Campgrounds are available throughout the park, you may opt to make the experience even more authentic by acquiring a permit to camp in the backcountry, away from developed sites.

Recently, the park has begun to completely eliminate light pollution through the installation of LED and shielded lighting, to help ensure it continues to be the best example of the primeval night sky, and enable visitors and future generations to experience its wonders, away from modern disturbance.

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