DATING DILEMMA: Who pays for what when you travel?

An American woman who’s not sure whether her new partner is ripping her off has asked a Facebook group for advice.

She’s been planning her first holiday with the man and he has made a suggestion for how to split the travel bill.

The first holiday with a new partner can make or break a relationship.

Sometimes you see the red flags before you even set foot in the hotel. Sometimes you don’t spot them until you’re booking a taxi to get the hell out of there.

So it’s no wonder she’s a little nervous.

‘I don’t know what’s appropriate’

What do you think? Here’s her post about her travel bill dilemma.

“Be as upfront as you please, I can take it” the post in Women who Travel reads.

“I’m going on a trip next weekend with the guy that I’m dating. He asked me to cover the hotel and he would cover everything else (meals, excursions etc.)

“Do you think this is fair?”

This Facebook post has split women’s opinions. Credit: Facebook

What women think

So far more than 1200 women have offered suggestions. And it’s fair to say they are divided.

“Just pay for the hotel and see how it goes,” one said. “By the end of the weekend, you’ll be able to tell if the suggestion came from a place of stinginess of 21st-century practicality.”

Several suggested speaking with the man and asking to split the hotel bill and all travel expenses 50/50.

“I think there’s a high chance that someone will feel like they got taken advantage of,” one practical woman wrote. “I say split everything down the middle that you’re sharing, pay your own meals and excursions and if he wants to cover something extra for you or vice versa then that’s a decision you can make at the time.”

Should you just split it 50/50? Credit: Canva

Plenty of women, still in 2021, said the man should pay for everything.

Others suggested his inability to pay for the hotel may mean that he doesn’t have a credit card – a red flag for many women in the group.

“So basically, the guy has no credit card to secure a room?? I see what he’s doing LOL,” one said.

But could the motive indeed be more sinister?

“Honestly, my first suspicious thought was that he is married and wants no trace of the hotel on his credit card.”

Hopefully, she’ll let the group, and us, know what happened.

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