‘Spice up your life’ with a night in the Spice World bus

Stop right now. Thank you very much. You can now book a holiday in the Spice World bus. 

Yes, the original Spice World bus has just been listed on Airbnb for $143 a night.

The bus, parked next to the water on the Isle of Wight, still has the Union Jack exterior.

“This is the original Spice Bus that fans will know and love from the movie Spice World but with an interior makeover,” host Suzanne wrote on her Airbnb listing.

Spice World bus
The Spice World bus. Credit: Airbnb

“Working with some incredible designers, we’ve turned it into accommodation so you can stay the night and live out every fan’s wildest dreams.”

Inside the Spice World bus

Every boy and every girl will love what Suzanne has done with the Spice World bus. 

The colourful interior features a double bed and one single bed, a living area with a TV and a separate dressing room area with a dressing table so you can get your act together before you hit the town.

Inside the Spice World bus. Credit: Airbnb

“The driver’s seat remains at the front of the bus – sadly no Meatloaf!,” Suzanne said. 

“Towards the back of the bus, there’s a spacious seating area with a table and three Union Jack cinema-style chairs for relaxing in front of the TV or listening to Wannabe on repeat on the old school CD player.”

The Spice World bus airbnb even has disco balls tucked into one corner.

Suzanne said she has no affiliation with the Spice Girls, she just wanted other fans to enjoy the bus as much as she has.

“I’m a huge fan of the band and have tried to include as many little touches as possible inspired by the girls and their music, to make the inside just as iconic as the outside,” she said.  

Guests must be aged above 12. 

This is definitely one to book when we can finally travel to the UK.

Just remember: No matter what, we must go on. Just keep the faith.

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