Spa at the Pullman Auckland

Having recently launched an exclusive partnership with luxury Irish skincare brand VOYA, a certified-organic product range made from seaweed hand-harvested from Ireland’s pristine Atlantic Coast, the Spa at the Pullman has created a bespoke treatment menu featuring seaweed wraps, scrubs, massages and facials.

A powerful antioxidant, seaweed is known for its healing and therapeutic properties including promoting cell and tissue regeneration, balancing the metabolism, impacting cellulite, improving skin condition, and boosting overall wellbeing, and I was intrigued to harness these powers of nature for myself.

With my over-active, chitter-chatter mind, I’ve never been one of those people who can get to such a deep state of relaxation during a massage that I fall asleep, but the skill, technique and intuition of my therapist Emma sends me into a blissfully hypnotic slumber during my 90-minute Voyager Massage Journey.

My journey begins with a wonderful foot bath before I head to the table for a deeply relaxing and soothing full-body massage, which includes the scalp and face. Using long, slow, ocean wave-like strokes, the massage replicates the movement of the sea, and I soon feel myself drifting off into another realm.

This was the most deeply relaxing massage I have ever had and the luxurious VOYA products not only worked in perfect harmony with the massage itself, they also left my skin silky smooth and oh-so-soft.

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