Southern Spa at Southern Ocean Lodge

Even just strolling up the boardwalk from the main building at Southern Ocean Lodge to the completely separate Southern Spa, is enjoyable.

The fresh sea air, the views over the ocean from the cliff top and the dense native scrub with birds flitting from branch to branch, is intoxicating. A quick change into robe and slippers and my Kodo massage begins. One of the family of Li’tya treatments on the spa menu, it begins with a foot soak in a hot tub with rosemary, eucalyptus and juniper.

Feet now glowing, Jennifer, the therapist, gets me to shut my eyes and breathe in three different blends of oil. The lavender and sandalwood wins me over, the ‘Rejuvenation’ blend, and once on the ridiculously comfortable massage bed, Jennifer gets me to breathe in the scent of smoking eucalyptus leaves, an Aboriginal technique to balance and realign energy flow.

It worked, or perhaps it was the soothing soundtrack of Australian birds, rhythm sticks and didgeridoo. Or it could have been the smooth, perfectly weighted strokes with that rejuvenating oil, but together, it added up to one of the most relaxing massages I have ever had.

Afterwards, hot tea and fresh fruit awaited in the relaxation lounge, which looked out over that ocean. A perfect finish to a perfect day.

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