Song Saa on Song


The Song Saa Foundation is a Cambodia-based organisation dedicated to protecting the land and waters of southern Cambodia’s Koh Rong Archipelago. With coral reefs, mangrove forests and sea grass beds – inhabited by sea turtles, whale sharks and seahorses – the Koh Rong Archipelago is one of the most diverse and least known marine environments in Southeast Asia. The creators of the Foundation, Rory and Melita Hunter, came to the region in the mid-2000s and later built the first high-end luxury resort in the Archipelago – Song Saa Private Island. Underpinning the development of the resort was a commitment to sustainability. The Song Saa Foundation has worked diligently to protect and improve the natural and human environments of the Archipelago, starting with the creation of Cambodia’s first ever marine reserve, the implementation of a village-wide solid waste management system, the biggest medical outreach project ever undertaken in the Archipelago with 1,000 people receiving medical attention over a five-day period, a beach clean-up event to mark International Coastal Clean-up Day; and implementing an environmental education program for kids.