You need to try this new organic tequila

Award-winning US-based tequila brand, Solento Organic Tequila launched in Australia.

Made in small batches from a single estate, Solento’s certified organic range is set to change the way Aussies enjoy tequila with the perfect drink to sip.

Deriving from the Spanish words for “slow sun”, Solento is for those who appreciate the present and savour moments for reflection. 

Solento organic Tequila
Solento Resposado Organic Tequila

Solento is expanding down under as the relaxed, yet health conscious lifestyle of Australians closely aligns with the values and ethos of Solento.

Australian consumers are becoming more conscious in their consumption. This means they are gravitating towards organic products that hero betterment.

The Australian tequila market has also grown over the past 12 months. IRI data shows the spirit’s annual growth is 14%, up from 5.7%. 

Founder of Solento Tequila, Taylor Steele says, “Solento is a spirit that emulates surfing; it’s all about slowing down, calibrating and appreciating what is around us. We know that good things take time, and by crafting our tequila from certified organic agaves that have been slowly growing in the Mexican sun for seven years, we are able to create a tequila that is pure in flavour, and can be truly appreciated in every sip. 

Solento organic Tequila
Solento Blanco Organic Tequila

The varietals


Flawlessly clear with a smooth and silky mouthfeel subtle notes of Meyer lemon and Tahitian vanilla. Best served on the rocks, garnished with a slice of lemon.


The Reposado ages in American oak barrels for nine months. It has slightly sweet notes of homemade caramel and cooked agave exude a soft amber warmth. For a twist on a classic, try Reposado in a Slow Sun Martini. 

Solento Organic Tequila’s Blanco and Reposado varietals are available at Dan Murphy’s at RRP $98.99 for Blanco and $108.99 for Reposado

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