Slumdog Travels tackles illiteracy in India

Slumdog Travels is a leading tour provider to India and believes in providing both an experience of a lifetime that showcases the real India and has a positive impact on the Indian society. The company offers a range of specially designed packages – Traditional, Adventure, Cultural and Grassroot tours – to give travellers a flavour of the real India and uses funds generated from the tours to eradicate illiteracy. Along with key partners, CRY UK and Pratham UK, Slumdog Travels runs three education projects based primarily in rural parts of Gujarat and Jharkhand, India. Whenever someone buys a tour through Slumdog Travels, they will be able to choose the specific education project that they wish to support which Slumdog Travels then invests in on their behalf. This empowers the travellers to feel more connected with the project and track their contribution through the lift cycle of the project selected through the online platform Makerble. For every tour sold, Slumdog Travels ensures 10 children are educated for a year.

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