Is this the craziest hotel on the planet?

Perched 400 metres above the Sacred Valley of Cusco in Peru, you will find Skylodge Adventure Suites.

Absolutely nothing about this Airbnb hotel is conventional – so prepare yourself for a surprise every step of the way.

Skylodge’s three transparent capsule suites cling to the mountainside, allowing brave guests to really soak up the most gorgeous views.

How do I get there?

You might be wondering how on earth do you get up there?

Your adventure starts with an an-hour-and-a-quarter climb straight up the mountain rock face. The Via Ferrata climbing route is made up of 170 metal steps.

As for how to get back down, the next morning you zipline to the valley floor.

Skylodge Adventure Suites is a 90-minute drive from Cusco and about 13km from Machu Picchu. Hosts can organise transport to the location upon request.

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The Skylodge Adventure Suite pods

These sky-high see-through pods are completely safe. They have been robustly designed with 20 sturdy anchor points, each capable of holding one-and-a-half tonnes.

Each sleeping capsule can accommodate up to four people.

Its interiors are minimal and functional. The design encourages guests to marvel at the beauty on the other side of the perspex.

The suits have blinds that can be closed for privacy or pulled back for spectacularly star-lit views.

Each pod also has a toilet attached. This is an unconventional stay remember, so don’t expect a normal visit to the loo. A 10-metre shoot channels everything further down the mountain into a wastage bin.

Dinner and breakfast are included and served in a circular glass dining pod.

Again, nothing here is standard, so you have to make your way to the separate dining pod with your hard hat, gloves and harness.

Despite the challenging circumstances, the four-course dinner is nothing short of amazing.

A once in a lifetime experience

A night’s stay at Skylodge Adventure Suites will set you back around AU$750.

If you can afford it, this hotel is definitely worth your dollars.

If you still need convincing, just see what previous visitors have had to say.

“Words are inadequate to explain what was truly the most incredible experience of my life,” previous guest Neil said.

Said another: “This is a completely unique accommodation experience you will remember for your whole life.”

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