Skuon Spider Market, Skuon, Cambodia


Welcome to Spiderville! Skuon, located on the highway between Siem Reap and Phnom Penh, Cambodia, is one of the most curious markets in Asia. The star attraction? Fried spiders, live spiders, spiders of all shapes and sizes. Spiders are something of a delicacy in Cambodia, and it’s possible to find them on menus throughout the country – yet you won’t find them in such abundance anyplace else. So stop in at Skuon the next time your road-weary legs need a break, and sink your teeth into a fried tarantula the size of your head. Or, if you’re not into feasting on the creepy crawlies of this world, purchase one of these creepy beasts while it’s still alive, and save it from the fry pan.

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