Six reasons to visit COMO Shambala

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1. To set your intention
Christine Ong is the driving force behind COMO Shambhala and says it the intention behind creating the thoughtful brand was to ‘give people the opportunity to experience yoga and to expose more guests to the range of its complex, integrated benefits’. Since then, COMO Shambhala has evolved to include a whole host of other practices and lifestyle choices aimed at producing a healthy body and mind.

2. To meet wellness professionals
Intuitive counsellor Susan King is also a regular at COMO Shambhala providing counselling sessions such as psychic impressions that aim to guide people to become the best versions of themselves. Elizabeth Larkam also brings with her 30 years of pilates practice and 10 years of fascia studies, which she shares with students. Oriental medicine consultants and Ayurvedic consultants also visit the resort.

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3. Experience a range of treatments
Massage is imperative to the wellness program and COMO Shambhala has something for everyone from traditional Thai massage through to Qigong energy healing. Master Song Kanpon, a massage therapist with COMO Shambhala for over 19 years, said massages assist with blood circulation of the entire body. Guests at the resort can also book into a range of baths, wraps and mud treatments. 

4. Enjoy the Great Outdoors
Exercise is a fundamental element of wellness and at COMO Shambhala exercise is best done in the great outdoors. The benefits are two-fold; studies show a positive effect of nature on mental health while guests are also able to explore the natural beauty of their chosen destinations. Activities on offer include hiking in Bhutan, boxing in Thailand and mountain climbing at COMO Shambhala Estate in Bali.

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5. Focus on diet
Along with everything incorporated into the wellness retreats at COMO Shambhala, food is another area where simplicity and sustainability are the key focus. Guests should return home inspired to take control of their diet with a focus on whole foods and flexibility. The cuisine at COMO Shambhala promotes the importance of eating unprocessed foods.

6. Therapists go above and beyond
Much of the time those who need spa treatments most, cancer patients, are turned away from wellness centres due to the fact that the long-term physical and emotional side effects of the disease require severe alterations in spa programs. COMO Shambhala therapists are specially trained to adapt programs so that cancer patients do not feel singled out in any way.

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