Small group travel for adventure-seeking women

If you love the sound of travelling the world with a small group of adventure-seeking women who share your passion for travel, then Sisterhood Womens Travel is for you.

Their success is deeply rooted in the commitment to fostering an inclusive environment, encouraging women from all walks of life to step out of their comfort zones and embrace the world with open arms. With knowledgeable guides, carefully selected accommodations, and an understanding of women’s travel needs. Sisterhood Womens Travel remains an unrivalled authority in transformative travel experiences.

An award-winning tour company celebrating almost two decades

Providing fully escorted small group tours for women of all ages and backgrounds, Sisterhood Womens Travel has a reputation for providing a supportive, encouraging and fun travelling environment. It is easy to see why women keep coming back. Their expertise lies in crafting itineraries and creating transformative experiences, weaving together cultural immersion and camaraderie among travellers.

Uncover the magic of Morocco © Unsplash

A one-stop shop for women travellers

Welcoming first-time or seasoned travellers, Sisterhood Womens Travel provides a one-stop travel shop that takes the hassle out of making your own arrangements. Yet gives travellers the option to enhance their touring experience along the way. Add in some friends for company; what more could you ask for?

With an experienced hostess and a meet and greet before every international tour, Sisterhood Womens Travel has a range of superb tours to suit all budgets. From traversing the Great Ocean Road to seeing the colours of autumn in Japan, the dazzling Christmas Markets in Europe, to the magic of Morocco. It’s all about being part of a community with regular get-togethers, quickie getaways, and fabulous domestic and international touring options.

You never know who you will meet up with – many a lifelong friend has yet to be been discovered. With Sisterhood Womens Travel, it’s not only about the destination. It’s about the journey and the memories shared along the way. 

Boasting an impressive repertoire of meticulously planned trips that traverse the stunning landscapes of Australia and beyond. Each expedition is a testament to their dedication to exploration.

Visit or call Sisterhood Central on 1300 885 255 for tour destinations and enquiries.

Sisterhood Womens Travel boasts an impressive repertoire of meticulously planned trips

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