The awe-inspiring safari experience you’ve been waiting for

Africa has been on most people’s bucket lists for years. But too many of us have pushed it down the list in favour of cheap, unfulfilling holidays.

After a year of lockdowns and border closures, planning your ultimate adventure can offer hope.

Africa ticks so many boxes – wide open spaces, fewer people, a chance to disconnect from devices and reconnect with nature.

Less is more. This is the type of holiday that will change your life.

“What most people crave right now is a sense of groundedness and reality in a time of so much uncertainty – safari gives you all that, and makes you focus on that which really matters,” Lindy Rousseau, Chief Marketing Officer at Singita said.

Singita Sabora Tented Camp

Sabora Tented Camp overlooks the Serengeti’s breathtaking savannahs, where thousands of wildebeest, zebras and gazelles migrate in search of grazing areas and water.

Set in the 350,000-acre Grumeti Reserve, it is one of the best places in the world to see lions. Grumeti has a lion pride comprising between 20 and 60 individuals.

Sustainable slow travel

In 2020, Australians rediscovered the outdoors, we found the bush was the ultimate healing experience. Deprived of shopping malls, cinemas and restaurants, we hiked, bushwalked, picnicked and sailed. We discovered nature in a way many of us had not done since we were children.

Africa takes that feeling to a whole new level and Australians aren’t alone in craving it.

In 2020, Rousseau says Singita “interrogated every touchpoint of their guest experience” to make sure the lodge’s experiences continued to meet guest’s expectations, needs and desires.

Singita Sabora Tented Camp

As a result, Singita encourages travellers to slow down, with more opportunities to walk, to learn, to connect with nature and to sit, quietly to watch.

“Guests are choosing longer stays at one destination for health security reasons but also because they have a desire to immerse themselves in the place – learning about the local culture, landscape and animals, and to become more involved, making travel more meaningful,” Rousseau said.

“There is a longing to be in open spaces, closer to nature, and be somewhere where they can tune out from the rest of the world.”

“Africa is constant, it stirs your senses while you watch nature unfold in a continuous rhythm – in a glorious morning sunset, birdcalls, a thundering storm or a pride of lion hunting an impala.  

Lindy Rousseau

“In these wide-open spaces, you can build some spiritual strength again,” Rousseau said.

Each suite at Singita Sabora Tented Camp has a shaded day beds so guests can spend languid afternoons idly watching game pass by.

Singita Sabora Tented Camp

They also include private meditation decks, secluded outdoor salas and soothing wellness treatments that will restore your weary soul.

Guests can choose walking or driving safaris or just watch the wildlife from the deck. The choice is yours.

Watch the incredible wildlife in the video below.

You’ve got time, get planning…

Singita is the Shangaan word for “place of miracles” and Sabora Tented camp certainly delivers on that promise.

Sabora is a sanctuary.

It’s a place where you can breathe easy and unwind, letting your eyes roam to the horizon, spotting small differences on the savannah as the wildlife shuffles in search of food.

Singita Sabora Tented camp

First and foremost Singita is a conservation brand, with a 100-year purpose to restore and protect the biodiversity of the ecosystems under their care.

The brand’s focus is sustainable, environmentally conscious hospitality which aids the empowerment of local communities.

Everything here is designed so that tourists tread lightly on the earth, they learn to appreciate their surroundings and to become aware of their impact.

Every stay here highlights the vital role of ecotourism in conservation and community programs run by Singita’s partner funds.

It will also give you a great sense of perspective.

What to expect

Singita Sabora Tented Camp has nine lavishly furnished en-suite tents with sweeping views over the Serengeti plains.

The spacious tents feature soft linen and cotton fabrics, wood panelling, bespoke woven artworks and ceramics.

Singita Sabora Tented camp

The earthy tones reflect and enhance the jaw-dropping view of the Serengeti plains.

Once inside this wonderful cocoon, you will find your shoulders instantly drop.

Singita’s pared-back interpretation of traditional safari style, sets the tone for an experience that is light, modern and relaxed; elegant, functional and soothing.

Expect farm-to-table food, in line with Singita Sabora Tented Camp’s conservation focus.

The guest deli in the main lodge has wicker baskets and fridges filled with gourmet delights.

You can pick and choose treats to enjoy in the privacy of your suite, or at one of several picnic spots around the camp.

Singita Sabora Tented camp

The camp has a swimming pool and wellness centre where you can ride an exercise bike while watching elephants roam the savannah. Or indulge yourself with a “transformative massage treatment” which harnesses the restorative powers of Africa’s most healing rituals and ingredients.

The Singita Sabora Tent camp wellness centre also offers guided audio meditations, sensory sound therapy and mindful crystal experiences – opportunities to reawaken the senses and restore balance.

Well-planned health & safety protocols ensure a smooth journey from start to finish allowing guests to make the most of their restorative safari.


Private villas, personalised service

If you want to travel with a group, Singita Serengeti House, in the 350,000-acre Singita Grumeti Reserve offers the ultimate isolation and privacy.

This stunning contemporary African villa is one of the best places to view the annual wildebeest migration as it has sweeping views over the vast plains of the Serengeti, Tanzania.

Serengeti House’s expansive outdoor decks offer uninterrupted views of wildlife gathering at the busy waterhole and grazing on the grasslands nearby.

Serengeti House swimming pool.

Inside you’ll find every conceivable comfort. Soothing living areas flow onto multiple decks and cosy dining areas. From the 25-metre infinity pool you can let your gaze drift to the far horizon.

Every step of this Africa experience is tailor-made to you.

The accommodation includes a dedicated field guide, chef and host who can cater to your every need and plan itineraries that fit your energy levels.

Serengeti House
Serengeti House

Daily game drives with professional guides allow you to get up close to Africa’s incredible animals and evening drives reveal the elusive magic of nocturnal Africa.

This experience will bring you back to nature and leave you feeling grounded and inspired.

Game drives at Serengeti House

If you want to connect deeply with the environment, Singita can organise a guided nature walk. An expert tracker and field guide will accompany you as you track animals on foot and expand your knowledge of the bush.

Guests can also visit any of Singita’s conservation projects such as wildlife reintroductions or cutting-edge anti-poaching organisations.

Every meal and menu at Serengeti House is personalised according to guests’ tastes and requirements.

Serengeti House has an extensive wine cellar.

Expect farm-to-table food celebrating fresh seasonal flavours, and traditional regional cooking with ingredients sourced from the local community.

You can even take a cooking class with one of Singita’s consummate chefs.

Serengeti House

It’s about being together in the moment, with no distractions, demands or decisions – and the freedom to let the days flow naturally in one of Africa’s most iconic settings.


Take a look inside Serengeti House in the video below:

It may be a while until we can travel again, but we can plan. And this experience is one that you will never forget. Singita will change your life.

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