Sicily is offering to pay for half your travel costs if you visit after Covid-19

If you’re wondering where to travel once the coronavirus restrictions are over, Sicily might just win you over with their latest deal. 

To encourage tourists to visit post-pandemic, the Italian island is offering to pay for half of your flights and a third of your accommodation costs. As part of the deal, travellers will get one night free of charge for every three nights spent in one of the island’s hotels. Siciliy Tourism will also offer free entry to many of its museums and archaeological sites.

The regional government has set aside €50 million (A$85 million) to fund around 400,000 holiday vouchers that will cover attractions and accommodation costs once the borders are open again.

Sicily thrives off tourism, as does much of Italy, and the region is hoping to get back on track as fast as possible after reportedly incurring a loss of over $1 billion since early March when the virus devastated the country.

Vouchers will be made available once travel is deemed safe again and borders begin to open. Travellers who are interested will need to keep an eye on the Visit Sicily website for updates on how to score these deals once they become available.

Italy was one of the hardest-hit countries by the coronavirus and quickly overtook China with the number of reported cases during March. Now, about two months later, the country is finally ready to gradually ease lockdown measures. From May 4, some parks and takeaway cafes will be allowed to open and people will be able to travel within their region.

Later in the month, the country is hoping to allow restaurants to resume normal service (with precations) and allow more businesses to reopen. While there isn’t a specific date for when tourism will reopen, the industry have already begun looking at ways to entice visitors and ensure that the safety of tourists is a top priority by incorporating social distancing measures where possible.

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