Shangri-La, Singapore offers family stop over fun

Qantas has returned to Singapore as its hub for flights from Australia to London, ideal for a mini-vacation stopover in the long-haul trip, especially for families.

Singapore Changi Airport is the most connected international airport to Australia, and a stopover there allows travellers to rediscover the newly renovated Tower Wing at Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore.

Buds, Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore, Qantas

This luxury hotel features elegant interiors, including a refreshed lobby, new rooms and suites, three delicious restaurant concepts, and a revitalised club lounge.

Additionally, Shangri-La Hotel offers resort-like gardens and warm hospitality, offering guests a relaxing and comfortable stay.

The five-star hotel is an ideal place for families looking to break up the long-haul trek between Sydney and London, and earlier this year they launched ‘Buds by Shangri-La’.

Buds, Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore, Qantas

This is an interactive play space on the first floor of their newly refurbished Tower Wing that features installations and activities guaranteed to keep kids busy.

The ninth floor of the Tower Wing is now dedicated to families, with each Themed Family Suite offering an immersive space for kids to sleep and eat, with gorgeous interiors and dream-themed beds. The five themes are Safari, Treetop, Castle, Underwater and Space.

Buds, Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore, Qantas

For adults however, Shangri-La Hotel’s CHI spa is the perfect place to relax and rejuvenate between flights, and even offers natural sleep aids.

CHI’s ‘Deep Sleep Super Blend Fragrance’ is an award-winning fragrance with a natural scent and portable diffuser that can be sprayed before bed, to ensure better quality sleep and an energised feeling upon waking.

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