The self-care products in our travel bag right now

We’ve got some feel-good self-care products in our V&T travel bag that will leave you looking and feeling fabulous from the inside out. Check out the products that have grabbed our attention this season.

Whether you’re about to board a long-haul flight and need some extra goodness to get you through, or you’re seeking some everyday self-care products to elevate your routine, we’ve compiled some of our favourite products.

Warning: products may leave you feeling divine!

Travel bag © Anete Lusina | Unsplash
© Anete Lusina | Unsplash

Sacred Taste Organic Cacao

This nutrient-dense goodness-in-a-cup is a daily blend perfect for any season. It’s best known for improving health, elevating mood and enhancing cognitive function. Grown ethically and sourced sustainably by one of the oldest tribes in the Amazon, it’s made with 100% organic ingredients, is gluten-free, refined sugar-free, preservative-free and vegan. Packed with goodies like raw cacao powder, lucuma powder, and evaporated coconut nectar, it’s delicious and nutritious.

Best served:

Warm latte – Mix one tablespoon per 200ml of water or milk of your choosing. Heat in a saucepan or frother until just steaming.

Cold shake – Add tea tablespoon per 200ml of water or milk of your choosing into a shake or blender. Mix until smooth and creamy. Add it to smoothies for extra goodness.

Blends available: Original Cacao, Chilli Cacao, Rose Cacao, Matcha Mint Cacao, Ceremonial Grade Cacao

Sacred Organic Cacao
© Sacred Taste

Fitcover Hydrating Tinted Sunscreen SPF50

We care about our skin – particularly in the Australian climate, where the sun shines with an intensity almost 365 days a year. Using products that are vegan, cruelty-free, reef-safe, ocean-friendly, fragrance-free and Australian-made is a can’t-live-without necessity in any beauty bag. Loaded with 17 quality ingredients, with the likes of hyaluronic acid, sunflower seed oil, vitamin E, and jojoba seed oil, while you’re keeping the UVA and UVB rays out – with non-nano zinc oxide – you’re also keeping the good stuff in. Plus, having sunscreen, nourishing moisturiser and a light coverage tint in one bottle means fewer products taking up space in your bathroom vanity or travel bag. And as we all know with the increasing cost of luggage on flights, less is more.

Best for: everyday use for protection, coverage and glow.
How to use: Apply 20 minutes before sun exposure. Reapply every two hours or more frequently when sweating, swimming or after towelling.
Shades available: Nudey for tint-less, Tahiti for fair skin, Rio for tan skin, and Capri for olive complexions.

© Fitcover
© Fitcover

Jurlique Activating Water Essence+

This one will be your new flight best friend – or an everyday goodie-inducer for those seeking extra hydration. The silky lightweight essence perfectly prepares the skin for optimal hydration by harnessing two powerful marshmallow root extracts. This combination actively improves the skin’s ability to retain moisture. Suitable for all skin types, it’s free from all artificial colours, artificial fragrances, parabens, and sulphates. Clean and crisp – it’s an essential self-care product.

Best for: everyday use for rejuvenated skin.
How to use: Apply four drops onto your skin before building upon your skincare routine.

You can shop it here.

© Jurlique
© Jurlique

Hairitage Masquerade Transforming Mask

This 5-in-1 hair treatment is the key to restoring your dehydrated and damaged hair. The blend of agave, argan oil, shea butter, macadamia oil, acai, noni fruit and aloe will give dry and frizzy hair some much-needed moisture and nutrients. It will also hide any sneaky split ends peeking out. Free of all the nasties and vegan-friendly – it has the V&T tick of approval.

Best for: everyday use for giving your hair some luscious love.
How to use: Apply a small amount to damp hair and leave it in for five to 10 minutes. For a more intensive mask, leave it on for 8 hours/overnight and rinse it in the morning. Be sure to don a shower cap of sorts before settling in for some sleep.

You can shop the self-care product here.

hair products
© Hairitage by Mindy

Musq Farm Balm SP15

Australian skincare brand MUSQ Farmceuticals has built a cult following for its formulations powered by cold-pressed hemp seed oil, barrier-protecting lanolin and skin-soothing honey. Hemp seed oil is a hydrating agent rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatories which help skin retain moisture and elasticity, perfect for long-haul flights! 

Best for: The Farm Balm SP15 is the hero product, a multi-purpose cream that solves common ailments such as chapped lips, dry hands and elbows, dry cuticles, and wind-bitten skin. 
How to use: Simply squeeze from the tube and apply as needed. 

Shop the self-care product here

 Musq Farm ceuticals
© Musq

What are the five types of self-care?

While there are many ways to incorporate self-care into your life – and each person’s way of attaining self-care varies – the five common types of self-care are:

  • Physical self-care: regular movement, adequate sleep, balanced diet, good hygiene
  • Emotional self-care: expressing emotions, practicing mindfulness or meditation, setting healthy boundaries, seeking support from loved ones or a therapist, engaging in self-reflection
  • Mental self-care: reading, learning new things, puzzles or brain games, managing self-talk
  • Social self-care: spending time with loved ones, joining social groups or communities,
  • Spiritual self-care: meditation, prayer, spending time in nature, practicing gratitude

What are some good self-care items?

This depends on each individual as everyone has varying practices or products that resonate more profoundly with them. But to give you an idea, here is a list of good self-care items:

  • Aromatherapy essentials: essential oils, scented candles, or diffusers
  • Bath and body products: bath bombs, bath oils, bubble bath, skincare products
  • Journal or notebook
  • Comfort items: soft blankets, warm socks, cozy robe
  • Mindfulness tools: cushions, stress balls, fidget toys
  • Healthy snacks and beverages: herbal teas, infused water, mineral and vitamin-rich goods
  • Inspirational books or podcasts
  • Art supplies: coloured pencils, paints, adult colouring books
  • Relaxation aids: eye masks, herbal heat packs, weighted blankets
  • Plants or flowers

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