See Sri Lanka by Tuktuk

Tuktuk Rental brings to life your dream of cruising past sandy Sri Lankan beaches with a surfboard strapped to the side and wind blowing through your open, three-wheeled tuktuk.

If you haven’t had that dream yet, its time to add it to your bucket list.

Tuktuks are the vehicle of choice in Sri Lanka with 1.2 million vehicles currently in service, permitting access to every inch of the tiny island nation and allowing adventurous tourists to get off the beaten track.

Tuktuk Rental, Sri Lanka

There truly is no better way to access the gorgeous beaches, national parks and tropical rainforests of Sri Lanka at your own pace. Not only are they an easy and super reliable mode of transport, they are also sure to impress the locals with the celebration of their local culture and lifestyle.

Tuktuk Rental is at the forefront of sustainable travel in Sri Lanka and for good reason. With countries like Sri Lanka opening up for international travel following the cessation of the 30-year-long civil war, it is more important than ever to practice sustainable travel and support the local economy. The company offers a culturally immersive experience that allows travellers to access Sri Lanka like a local, but also operates as a social business that seeks to support local business owners.

Tuktuk Rental, Sri Lanka

Due to high government import taxes, ownership of tuktuks remains out of reach for the average Sri Lankan. By renting the Tuktuks out from local owners and not purchasing their own, Tuktuk Rental is contributing to boosting the income of local owners.

All the logistics are covered by the rental agency, from full insurance to local driving permits and the company even organises driving lessons. Ideal for families, there are also tuktuk appropriate baby seats provided. The tuktuks also have aux cord capabilities, meaning you can cruise down the coast listening to your favourite tunes. They also make for a great Instagram shot!

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