See New Zealand’s breathtaking new campaign

Tourism New Zealand’s latest campaign is a moving ode to the breathtaking country and the generous, warm people who live there. Called ‘100% Pure Welcome – 100% Pure New Zealand’, the campaign is centred around the idea that New Zealand is the first country in the world to see the sunrise. As such, they’re saying a big collective ‘good morning world’ every day for the next year. 

Over 300 New Zealanders will participate in the campaign, opening their hearts and hometowns every morning with a warm message of welcome. Each short video, which can be viewed on Instagram or online, will showcase what makes New Zealand the unparalleled destination that it is; stunning landscapes, friendly and warm locals and plenty to see and do.

At the Sydney launch of the new campaign, media were shown a few of the first ‘Good Morning World’ clips, including this one from Day 2, shot at Tereau in Tokomaru Bay, East Cape. This was the personal favourite of the V&T team, for its authenticity – and not to mention the cheeky horse! 

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