Why women over 50 will save the travel industry

According to market research conducted by Grace Creative, women over 50 make 87 per cent of travel decisions and hold $19 trillion in assets.

With statistics like that, it’s fair to say that the travel industry is dependent on women over 50.

“Women who are 50 and older are in a transition period when they can own, reinvent, and follow their passions for their next act. And they have the resources to do it,” said Jennifer Nottoli, Managing Director of Grace Creative.

Luxury cruise line Seabourn, has recognised the role of women over 50 in travel and have launched a dynamic new brand campaign to focus on empowered and affluent travel decision makers.

The theme of the campaign is ‘This Is Your Moment‘. It aims to engage discerning travellers who are passionate about exploring destinations at the most opportune “moment” in their lives.

Seabourn’s ‘This Is Your Moment’ campaign video.

Calling the shots

Seabourn’s research points to the fact that each household has a decision maker who drives the travel planning process. With Grace Creative, they identified the empowered and affluent female decision maker as one of their core customer targets

“Our goal with Seabourn’s ‘This Is Your Moment’ campaign is to speak to women authentically and resonate with their passions, either for themselves or with their partners, as they enter midlife and beyond.”

“Our mission at Seabourn is to enable our guests to live the largest possible life,” said Josh Leibowitz, president of Seabourn.

seabourn this is your moment
Enjoy your “moment” with Seabourn.

“Seabourn Moments” are key to the campaign. You’ll recognise them as the surprise-and-delight experiences.

These personal experiences and services that distinguish a Seabourn voyage from all other forms of luxury travel.

Women over 50 account for 80 per cent of travel advisors who are vital to the Seabourn business.

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