A visitor’s guide to the real-life Schitt’s Creek

Enjoy a truly ‘Schitty’ experience in Goodwood, the Canadian town that starred in the most popular comedy series of recent times, Schitt’s Creek.

Famous for being the location in which Schitt’s Creek was filmed, Goodwood is a tiny town just 45 minutes from Toronto, and it draws Schitt’s Creek fans from around the world. It only has around 660 residents and was chosen both for its charm and the way key buildings – that would later become Café Tropical, Rose Apothecary and Bob’s Garage in the series – are on three corners of the same intersection. 

When the CBC comedy was shared with the rest of the world through Netflix in 2016 (with the USA to follow in 2017), it went on to exceed all expectations. The show, which follows the formerly ultra-wealthy Rose family to live in the only asset they have left – the town the father bought as a joke for his son – gathered diehard fans around the world and went on to win a record-breaking nine Emmys in 2020 for its sixth and final season. 

Town Hall, schitt's creek
Town Hall. © Amanda Woods

While the town made headlines when locals and show star/co-creator Dan Levy asked fans not to visit in early COVID times, Dave Barton, Mayor of Uxbridge (which includes Goodwood), says they’re now welcoming tourists back. Dave – who says he makes most of the Roland Schitt (the eccentric mayor in the series) jokes in town – says that visitors need to keep a few things in mind. 

quaint shopfront in Uxbridge.
Downtown Uxbridge. © Discover Uxbridge

What you need to know before visiting ‘Schitt’s Creek’

Dave says the first, is that a busy highway, which was shut for the show, runs through Goodwood; be careful crossing it. The other is that people should respect the privacy of those who live here. Sure, take photos, but don’t knock on any doors. The Café Tropical building and Town Hall are both private homes, as is Roland and Jocelyn Schitt’s blue house, which is just a few doors down from the corner. In the building that played Bob’s Garage, local man Joe Toby makes specialty furniture for disabled people. Joe is fond of a chat to ‘Schittheads’, as fans are known, and when he spots tourists taking a photo, pops out with laminated postcards of the garage for souvenirs.

bobs garage, schitts creek
Bob’s Garage. © Discover Uxbridge

Rose Apothecary

When the show started, Jill Mero had a clothing business above Romni Goodwood and appeared as an extra in Rose Apothecary scenes. After taking over the space downstairs, she says around 90 per cent of her customers are Schitt’s Creek fans. Rather than David Rose’s ‘just pretentious enough’ Rose Apothecary, the real-life Romni Goodwood store is a mixed bag of clothing and gifts, from knitwear to oil-can lamps. While the white shelves and pressed-metal ceiling are the same, the stock is different. The counter is the same but moved to the left. However, a small section of Rose Apothecary souvenir mugs and Rosebud Motel key rings can be found in the store. 

Souvenirs from Romno Goodwood.
Souvenirs from Romno Goodwood. © Amanda Woods

Rosebud Motel

While the Rosebud Motel isn’t in Uxbridge, it’s only an hour’s countryside drive away. However, as you pull up at Hockley Road in Orangeville and peer through the dusty windows, the abandoned mattresses are more CSI than Schitt’s Creek. The motel hasn’t been used in years, and a development application stuck to the wall outlines plans to demolish the existing eight-unit motel to make room for a new property with a business centre, dining room and swimming pool.

old motel
Rosebud Motel. © Amanda Woods

Things to do in and around Goodwood

The ‘trail capital of Canada’, Uxbridge is not only full of familiar Schitt’s Creek scenes but is also a place to enjoy outdoor adventures, craft cideries and breweries, bakeries and barbecue smokehouses. As well as trying the butter tarts that cast members raved about at Annina’s in Goodwood, Dave says Tin Cup Caffé in Uxbridge is a must. “It’s next to The Blue Heron bookshop where you can pick up a Schitt’s Creek coffee-table book before reading it with a latte and some amazing carrot cake.” 

The mayor's house, schitt's creek
The Mayor’s House. © Amanda Woods

Anne of Green Gables fans can follow the Lucy Maud Montgomery Trail through the author’s hometown, while historic tram and train rides, public art trails and farm visits also offer a chance to get to know the area. “Don’t just come for the selfie – come and really experience the town,” Dave smiles. 

cafe tropical schitts creek
Cafe Tropical. © Amanda Woods

Other Schitt’s Creek filming locations in Canada

Rattlesnake Point Conservation Park

The romantic scene where Patrick proposed to David was filmed in Rattlesnake Point Conservation Park, a popular hiking location in Ontario. You can hike to the top of the hill to see the famous spot for yourself. 

Herb Ertlinger Winery

When Moira Rose was asked to be a spokesperson for a wine, the scenes were filmed at scenic Applewood Farm and Winery in Seagrave, Ontario, where you can do wine tastings and also go fruit picking.

Elbridge Manor

In season six, David and Patrick search for a wedding venue, and one place they visit is Elbridge Manor. In real life, this property is a popular Toronto wedding venue know as Grayden Hall Manor and it’s located on Graydon Hall Drive near the 401.

Blouse Barn

In Schitt’s Creek, the Blouse Barn is a fashion shop where David worked during season two. This shooting location is actually a paint-your-own-pottery store on Main St. in Unionville, Ontario, called Crock A Doodle.

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