Saving Elephants in Laos

The Elephant Village in Luang Prabang provides a peaceful, safe home for elephants and a sustainable future for them and the local communities in Laos.

The Sanctuary purchases elephants that need rescuing, giving them a better life. They have a vet onsite and carefully monitor each elephant daily. Tourists visit the centre to learn all about elephants, and while visitors can ride bareback on the elephants – no seats or tools of any kind are used.

A highlight is to go into the river with your pachyderm friends, giving them a good back scratch. Elephants only interact with visitors in the mornings, enjoying their leafy surroundings the rest of the time. The level of care for the elephants is evident everywhere, and you will come away with a better knowledge about these wise and wonderful creatures.

Donations are welcome to help out with food, medicine, and to assist with finances, allowing for more elephants to be saved.

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