Save up to 20% on select Hurtigruten expeditions from 2021 to 2023

Give a gift like no other with Hurtigruten Expeditions’ Mother’s Day Sale. For a limited time only, enjoy up to 20% off on select expeditions in 2021/22/23. Each voyage is a sustainable adventure, accompanied by an Expedition Team and onboard Science Center. Spoil a loved one with a trip of a lifetime.

Kinak Bay, Alaska
Kinak Bay, Alaska © Ashton Ray Hansen

Up to 20% off Alaska

  • Alaska truly is Bear Country, and all species of North American bears flourish here: grizzly, brown and black bears. Even up north, polar bears roam.
  • Hurtigruten Expeditions is the ideal choice to actively explore the wild frontier of Alaska. Their small expedition ships make it possible to truly discover places off the beaten track, as well as colourful historic towns and indigenous communities all along this rugged and diverse shoreline.
Vatnajokull, Iceland
Vatnajokull, Iceland © Karsten Bidstrup

Up to 20% off Iceland and The Americas

  • With 80 per cent of the country uninhabited, Iceland is a vast wilderness of lofty glaciers, volcanic peaks, sprawling mountain ranges and gorgeous fjords.
  • Immerse in village charm, ancient cultures, and diverse ecosystems of South and Central America. Once more, Hurtigruten Expeditions’ ships are much smaller than the big ships usually seen in these parts, allowing you to visit remote coastal communities and hidden island gems.
Cuverville Island, Antarctica
Cuverville Island, Antarctica © ANdrea Klaussner

Up to 15% off Antarctica and Greenland

  • One of the lowest CO2 footprints of all expedition voyages to Antarctica, you can explore this remote and pristine continent with the most sustainable choice.
  • Get to know the rich cultural traditions of Greenland, meet the fascinating Inuit people and visit their colourful settlements.
  • Unmatched scenery and unique beauty for both countries.
Lisbon, Portugal
Lisbon, Portugal © Karsten Bidstrup

Up to 10% off Europe

  • Sailing to smaller ports and secluded natural wonders, Hurtigruten Expeditions shows the hidden delights of less-visited parts of Europe.
  • UNESCO sites and historic ports, abound with natural wonders and hidden delights.
  • Fascinating excursions and onboard lectures also do not go amiss.

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