San Francisco's speakeasy scene


Say the password and navigate secret alleyways into abandoned libraries, hidden rooms, and dimly lit basements. Welcome to San Francisco’s speakeasy scene, circa 1920s prohibition era. Unlock the city’s best-kept secret at Bourbon & Branch, where an illegal speakeasy posing as a cigar shop once operated. Candlelight, revolving bookcases, and plush antiques create an ambiance of mystery and intrigue, best enjoyed while sipping on something strong. There are five bars in total, hidden behind bookshelves and in the basement, all connected by secret passageways, proving there’s more than meets the eye. But there’s no bootlegged contraband here – just an extensive menu of expertly crafted cocktails, bourbon, whiskey, rum and tequila. Follow the house rules, speak easy and say the password (its “books”, but you didn’t get it from us).

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