San Francisco Market Quito, Ecuador

San Francisco Market. Quito, Ecuador

Be careful with how local you go; you may get more than you bargained for at Quito’s San Francisco Market

Moved indoors after centuries of existence at the Plaza de San Francisco, at the foot of one of Quito’s oldest and largest churches, the San Francisco Market is packed with vendors selling local specialties (cuy, or guinea pig can be found here, along with pork scratchings)

The real surprise here is the booth of homeopathic naturalist Doña Rosa Lagla, a curadora, or healer, of local esteem. Doña Rosa reinvigorates her patients with a traditional Andean energy treatment known as limpia by thrashing them with nettles, herbs, roses and other flowers in a process that is, quite surprisingly, refreshing.

A post-limpia libation of sweet corn beer, known as chicha, will have you back on your feet in no time, ready to explore the market’s other little marvels.