Sam Evans, travel videographer, photographer, wanderer

Sam Evans

He is a content creator, globetrotter and adventurer. At the age of 21, Sam Evans has already become a social media influencer who takes his followers on a journey filled with dreams and inspiration, while representing some of Australia’s biggest brands along the way.

What inspired you to do what you do and how did you get into it?
I’ve been creating films since my early high school days and started to really hone my craft in my last year of school. My early sources of inspiration were films such as “The Art Of Flight” and seeing the GoPro HERO launch videos on GoPro’s YouTube channels. Seeing people creating content around living their life and exploring the world seemed incredible to me.

At just 21, you are considered Australia’s top videographer, travel content king and social media sensation. What do you think was the breaking point in your career, the moment that turned you into a pro?
Around two years ago, I had the pleasure of meeting and travelling with some of YouTube’s top vloggers and travel filmmakers. This opportunity pushed me to up my game and work harder on my cinematic skills. This healthy pressure of keeping up with the best really helped me to continue refining my craft. Also, being approached by some of the biggest brands in Australia such as Audi, GoPro, and Samsung to create content and represent their brands really changed the way I look at my own brand.

Sam Evans

You studied at the Australian Film Television and Radio School. What did that education do for you and how much did it have an impact on where you are today?
Film school was a great place for me to begin as it reinforced all the technical skills I’d picked up as a kid and taught me the invaluable lesson of the story and taking your audience on a journey. However, whilst I loved learning from my peers and teachers, I’ve always found I’ve learnt more about myself and my craft out in the world travelling and from the people I’ve met along the way.

In your early video making days, who were the people who influenced you the most and where do you draw your inspiration from today?
Terence Priester (High School Film Teacher)
Andrew Thompson (Visual Arts Teacher)
Hayden Quinn (My first mate who I travelled and made videos with)
Curtis Morgan (American Filmmaker)
Abe Kislevitz & The Farro Brothers (GoPro Production Artists)
Today I draw inspiration from my peers, my fellow creators on the internet who constantly inspire me to push harder and aim higher.

Sam Evans

As a professional globetrotter for big name brands, you are often experiencing the beauty of this world while having fun with your mates. What are the biggest challenges you face?
One of the biggest challenges I face professionally is constantly innovating and improving my last video. With so many incredible creators out there, you really have to be dedicated 24/7 to creating and learning in order to keep up.

What do you think is the most important trait to have as a travel video blogger or social media influencer?
Being original to yourself. Anyone can pick up a camera and replicate what they see on the internet. It’s a whole new story when someone can capture their unique view of the world and catch people’s attention. Find what makes you YOU and then double down!

Sam Evans

How focused are you on what’s coming up next in terms of communication trends on social media platforms or within the filmmaking narrative?
Working in a space that’s being developed and changed every day, it’s crucial to be in tune with trends and analytics, and be aware of what your audience wants and what performs best for you. However I don’t let this define me or rule how I create my content, it’s just something to keep in mind as you go along.

When on location for the first time, what triggers your interest and how do you prepare for shooting?
I look for details on both a micro and macro scale. Colours, textures, lines, space, depth. When I enter a new space I try and be conscious of how my eyes track around the room/area. This is the natural flow and is a rough guideline for how I will shoot the space. I sometimes like to listen to music that I think is appropriate to the time/vibe, this makes me feel like I’m in the video and gets my creative flow moving.

Sam Evans

How much do you put on the line to get a perfect shot and what would be the most dangerous situation you’ve found yourself in while working?
I often like to push myself in situations that I find myself out of my comfort zone when shooting. That being said, on any shoot safety is a priority. No shot is ever worth serious injury or death! I had a motorbike accident early last year which left me in a hospital for a few weeks, and that was an awful experience!

If you had to live in a city other than Sydney, where would it be and why?
New York! I love the fast-paced nature of the city.

What are your top three must-dos left on your bucket list?
– Visit Antartica
– Hike a major mountain
– Volunteer at some form of disaster relief

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