Inside the weird and wonderful hotel where it’s Halloween all year round

It’s October, so it’s not surprising to see Halloween decorations across shopfronts and hotel lobbies. But what if it was Halloween all year round? At the Roxbury Motel at Stratton Falls, it is.

Guests even dress up all year round, so it’s safe to say a visit will never be boring.

The Roxbury at Stratton Falls has five stunning ‘Tower Cottages’, three of which are duplexes. In total guests can book eight themed rooms ranging from a Dracula’s lair to a fairy forest.

the roxbury motel stratton falls
If you think the Tower Cottages are impressive from the outside wait till you see the inside © The Roxbury at Stratton Falls

Dracula’s Fangs

Sexy and sinister was the aim for the ‘Dracula’s Fangs’ cottage. The result is nothing short of that.

The owners are authentic in their pursuit of a Dracula fantasy. The cottage’s design even uses many stills from the Bela Lugosi classic Dracula film.

Brass railings, cushioned walls and red velvet blackout curtains achieve gothic elegance.

© The Roxbury at Stratton Falls

Arrive before everyone else and race to sit in the carved mahogany armchair. Welcome everyone with outstretched arms and say “I am Dracula….welcome to my home.”

To really make it feel like Dracula’s home you’ve been tricked into sleeping in a coffin.

Play the part of Dracula © The Roxbury at Stratton Falls

Cinderella’s Gown

For those easily scared, make your stay a princess fairytale instead.

The Cinderella’s Gown cottage features an enormous 5.5-metre ball gown that is suspended as a canopy over the downstairs bedroom.

While your stay does not come with a magical fairy godmother, the hotel owners have tried to do some of her work for you.

In the upstairs bedroom, you’ll find a massive pumpkin that morphs into a golden carriage that serves as the bathroom.

Life isn’t a fairytale but you can play pretend © The Roxbury at Stratton Falls

The Superhero Incognitio

After a long day of saving civilians, superheroes need their rest. One superhero in particular (who cannot be named) reached out to The Roxbury at Stratton Falls to design a suite that was modern and sleek.

Oh, and she needed a place to park her invisible plane. Any guesses who it might be?

The Faerie Forest

The Roxbury at Stratton Falls does sit on the edge of a glorious slice of nature – an enchanted forest with glorious waterfalls and abundant sunlight.

Covered in hundreds of twinkling lights the owners have brought to life a ‘faerie forest’.

About the Tower Cottages

Each of the cottages are worlds apart but you can expect a few common features no matter which one you stay in.

They all boast two bedrooms with private ensuite bathrooms.

Downstairs a common living space with a sleeper sofa will expand the total guest number to six. Kitchens are all complete with a full-size refrigerator, microwave, wet bar sink and a refreshment station.

A spiral staircase will connect the two stories and some cottages even have a third level for stargazing.

To top it all off you will have endless views of the surrounding Stratton Falls village scape. Explore the Stratton Falls trail system which leads to a 15-metre waterfall.

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