Reindeer people of Mongolia

Boutique tour operator Crooked Compass has introduced an exclusive 10-day photography tour, departing in June 2018, with leading photographer Chris Van Ryn to the remote tribe people of Mongolia.

This specialist photography tour is a perfect way to explore and mingle with the Tsaachin tribe while improving photography skills amid the spectacular scenery of rolling mountains, lush forests and turquoise waters of Lake Khuvsgul.

The Tsaachin tribe, or Reindeer people, base their entire existence on their reindeer herds which provide them with milk for producing cheese, antlers for carving and medicinal purposes, transportation and on the odd occasion, meat.

This diminishing nomadic tribe lives in yurts, similar to the Native American teepees, which were traditionally made from birch bark.

Previously a self-sufficient tribe with only their reindeer, the Tsaachin now have to forage for berries, wild potato and pine nuts in the Autumn as well as occasionally fish or hunt to survive.

“Very few travellers venture into this realm, and our tourism initiative provides them with a supplemental income and cultural exchange education for both our travellers and the local Tsaachin people,” Crooked Compass founding director Lisa Pagotto says.

Travellers can perfect their photography skills in daily workshops with Chris, explore the untouched region, travel on horseback, sleep in yurts alongside the local people and explore their cultural practice that provides a deep insight into their fascinating way of life.


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