The taste of the real Japan

Less than 30 minutes from Tokyo, Kanagawa Prefecture is a coastal region rich in nature, gastronomy and historical sites. It’s also set to host the final of the forthcoming Rugby World Cup 2019™.

Kanagawa Prefecture offers visitors a little bit of everything from beaches to mountains, all of which are easily accessed by the region’s smooth rail system.

Every destination can be a day trip thanks to the convenient train network. Hakone, a renowned hot springs resort town, is gaining in popularity with Tokyoites as well as many tourists from all over the world. If you’re in Hakone, enjoy the spectacular view of Lake Ashi against the backdrop of scenic Mount Fuji and indulge yourself at one of the high-end ryokans.

One place that simply mustn’t be missed is the old samurai capital of Kamakura. This is home to many temples and shrines, including Kotokuin Temple, which is famous for its Great Buddha. If you also want to wander around the bamboo forests, Hokoku-ji Temple awaits you.

Yokohama – Japan’s second-largest city by population and the capital of Kanagawa – was one of the first ports to open to foreign trade back in the 19th century. During this time, Yokohama blossomed into an international city, welcoming Western culture and sports with open arms. So, it’s fitting that Yokohama is set to host seven matches in the Rugby World Cup 2019™, including the semi-finals and the final.

Check out the harbour scenery in the central business district of Minato Mirai. After the match, head to the Noge district, which has numerous international bars as well as Japanese izakaya (an informal pub/restaurant). If you love Japanese food, especially sushi and sashimi, go to the Miura peninsula, home to the tuna market to try out fresh tuna cuisine.

Each of these destinations makes the perfect day trip, so why not take the time to explore the many things Kanagawa Prefecture has to offer.

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