The epic rainbow toastie that is melting Melbourne’s tastebuds

Taste the rainbow. No we’re not talking about Skittles, we’re talking about the rainbow toastie.

Despite what your eyes are telling you this Korean treat is just a normal cheese toastie.

But Melbourne cafe Rainbow Toastie, custom make their bread and cheese blocks to give the toasties a special edge.

rainbow toastie
It’s a novel treat for everyone © @rainbowtoastie_melbourne Instagram

Rainbow Toastie uses a secret mix of cheeses to give their toasties that signature stretch. 

One specially-made cheese block takes between three and four hours to make. That’s just enough for 20 sandwiches.

The tiny bread slices are also custom-made by a local Melbourne bakery.

© @rainbowtoastie_melbourne Instagram

The South Korean rainbow toastie is slightly on the sweeter side but still taste like the kind of toastie you crave in hangover mode.

To add to the fun the rainbow toasties are super photogenic.

“This was such a novel treat! I felt like an excited little kid. It was so fun to take photos of pulling the bread apart and seeing all the colours,” said one toastie taster.

Look at that super stretch © @rainbowtoastie_melbourne Instagram

Rainbow Toastie also serve up an array of other toasties such as BBQ beef egg toast and spicy chicken thigh toast.

Also on the menu is a stack of colourful drinks for you to photograph (and drink of course).

Try a bbq beef egg toastie or Sky Drink © @rainbowtoastie_melbourne Instagram

Rainbow Toastie details

Open: Dine-in or take away, Monday to Friday: 8am – 5pm, Saturday and Sunday: 10am – 5pm.

Address: 18 Sutherland Street Melbourne VIC 3000

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