RadSeason: Adventure travel's one-stop-shop is here


With adventure travel on the rise, there’s no doubt many of today’s travellers are seeking unique, thrilling and immersive experiences that get them off the beaten track and engage them with their surroundings. But while deciding on what event, festival or adventure you want to go to, finding it and planning the logistics is usually the most challenging part.

RadSeason.com is the world’s first website which brings together action sports and adventure events from around the globe under one, user friendly and free-to-use online platform.

Whether it’s a snowboarding music festival in the Austrian Alps in April, a surf contest in Hawaii in December, or a camel riding race in the Australian outback in July, Rad Season allows you to simply search by location, date and type of action and adventure sport, to not only find events, but also the closest accommodation and most convenient travel to and from the event, all in one easy go.

You can also engage with other like-minded users who are going to the same event as you, as well as review the event and keep up to date with future news and events.

Rad Season was founded by entrepreneur and adventure-seeker Oli Russell-Cowan after he was frustrated at the lack of information and tools available to find unique adventure events and festivals and how to get to them.

“Action sports and adventure travel information used to be very fragmented, not only among the various sports, but in how people obtain it—across the web, print media, and word of mouth, there was no one-stop-shop search engine for all your interests,” Russell-Cowan says.

“If you were to get lucky and hear about an event in time, you still have to pull up multiple websites to work out all your travel details, accommodation, transport, and reviews and Rad Season eliminates the click-work by integrating all these elements and making the planning process seamless—you’ll always be in-the-know on what’s happening and can easily plan future trips based on information found and the people you connect with.”

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