Qantas and UNICEF: Change for Good


In 1987, Qantas began collecting coins for UNICEF through its Change for Good program – with passengers donating coins – either foreign or local. In that time, over $30 million has been raised, assisting UNICEF’s global health, child protection and education programs. That money has resulted in saving 679,000 malnourished children’s lives, helping 60 million children with education and 32 million children being protected from diseases. UNICEF has projects in 190 countries, and Qantas cabin crew have teamed up with UNICEF Ambassadors and senior management to witness how the programs help. One such trip saw Qantas staff helping install clean drinking water for villages in Cambodia – a rewarding experience for one and all. So next time you are on a Qantas flight and you have some coins, please donate – it is most definitely going to a good cause.

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