Sri Lanka the new travel hot spot

Sri Lanka is hot right now – literally and figuratively. Sri Lanka is warm year-round thanks to its location just a few degrees north of the equator. Not surprisingly, tourists and travellers have begun to discover this gem of a country. And it’s not just the weather that is drawing visitors in droves.

From beaches to Buddhas
The country is a haven of delights and boasts great beaches, lush rainforests, tea-covered rolling green hills, national parks full of elephants, leopards and more. It’s where visitors will also find Buddhist ruins, delicious food and friendly locals.  Colombo is the nation’s capital and wandering the old city is a fascinating experience as well as a great place to eat. Take a tuktuk ride, visit the local markets or watch the sunset at the beach.  

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Cultural highlight
A few hours northeast of Colombo is where will find Sigiriya, the famous Lion Rock fortress. The fortress rises out of the jungle with a flat-topped summit. With its giant carved lions’ paws and incredible views, this is a highlight of any trip to Sri Lanka.

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Sri Lanka rocks
Not too far from Sigiriya is Dambulla, home to an amazing temple that is built underneath a huge rock. And in the ancient city Polonnaruwa you’ll find four massive images of Buddha all carved from a single slab of granite.

Wildlife safari
If wildlife is your focus, take your pick of National Parks. At Minneriya you’re bound to spot herds of elephants and in Yala you can take a wildlife safari keeping an eye out for leopards, sloth bears, crocodiles, spotted deer and much more.

The best months to visit Sri Lanka are between February and July when the dry season brings all the animals out into the open. And then there is the Pinnawala Elephant Sanctuary, set up as an orphanage to nurse young elephants who have lost their mothersWatch the elephants play and bathe in the river – which is sure to leave you with a smile.
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Time for tea
For tea country, rolling hills, beautiful waterfalls and a spectacular train ride, head to Kandy, Nuwara Eliya and Ella. For beaches, take your pick of West Coast or East… Sri Lanka offers something (or rather many things) for everyone.

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Fun and scenic
Travel here is not only fun and scenic, it is very affordable. Travelbay Private Tours are a wonderful and luxurious way to enjoy a holiday – it’s just you and your travelling companions with your own personal guide/driver in a private vehicle.

In Sri Lanka your private guide is also your driver – they’ll be English speaking and local, so you can quiz them for information, tips and advice. The size of the vehicle will depend on your group – it will be big enough for all of you (and your luggage).  

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Way to go
Travelbay Sri Lanka Private Tours are great value (often not much more than a public group tour). We have heard that once you’ve experienced one of these special holidays you may never want to travel any other way. Visit 




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