Premier Exhibitions, New York


Almost a century ago, Archaeologist Howard Carter found the undisturbed tomb of Tutankhamun. Premier Exhibitions on 5th Avenue, is showing The Discovery of King Tut, a new exhibition that traces the story of the boy king who reigned for a decade and died suddenly at age 19. Visitors can feel the rush of excitement as they step into a moment only ever witnessed by Howard Carter’s excavation team. The tomb’s magnificent burial goods have been reproduced exactly by expert Egyptian craftsmen and renowned Egyptologists. An audio tour based on Howard Carter’s diaries, video documentaries, extensive texts and object descriptions and unhindered access to the objects together provide an exciting, as well as informative, experience for all the senses. The Discovery of King Tut is scheduled to run until May 1, 2016.

Above: Golden Mask of the Pharaoh Tutankhamun.

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