Prehistoric Cave Art


In 1994, three speleologists unearthed one of the most significant finds in history – a cave in France with walls covered with spectacular Paleolithic art depicting 425 animals including woolly mammoths, lions and horses. The art has since been proven to be 36,000 years old. The Grotte Chauvet-Pont d’Arc has been sealed since prehistoric times, with the art completely undisturbed by humans. The Chauvet cave was added to the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites in June 2014. It was out of the question to allow the cave to be opened to the public, so a replica was planned, with the cave and its geological features, the art (both paintings and engravings) and archaeological components such as bones, hearths and prints, reproduced on a scale of 1:1. La Caverne du Pont-d’Arc opened on Anzac Day, 2015, with the site’s five buildings integrated into the environment.