THE FUTURE IS NOW: Cities are connecting through sci-fi portals

Vilnius, Lithuania’s capital and Lublin in Poland are the first two European cities to connect via a Stargate-style portal.

A futuristic portal produces a real-time stream of another city, thanks to the internet, cameras and a pretty huge screen.

The project has been five years in the making but the pandemic highlights its importance.

portal cities
You can interact in real-time © GoVilnius Press Release

The idea behind the virtual doors is to pioneer unity and promote ways to broaden our perspective.

PORTAL, the company behind the innovation, aims to “form a network soon so that in the next decade our planet would no longer seem separate.”

The futuristic gateways are installed in high-traffic pedestrian areas.

Vilnius Central Train Station and Litewski Square in Lublin were the first two PORTAL locations.

The PORTAL outside Vilnius Central Station © GoVilnius Press Release

Despite being more then 600 kilometres apart pedestrians in each city can stop and wave to each other in-real time.

Benediktas Gylys initiated the idea and engineers from the VILNIUS TECH creativity and innovation centre LinkMenų fabrikas built the PORTAL.

They chose a circle, a well-known and recognised sci-fi symbol, for the visual ‘bridge’. It resembles the wheel of time

portal cities
© GoVilnius Press Release

“The PORTAL was an impressive and exciting project from the very beginning. From the initial idea to the creation of an interactive bridge connecting cities, it was a complex task that required specific knowledge and technologies,” Adas Meskenas, director of LinkMenų Fabrikas said in a press release.

More cities will be connected by PORTAL

According to a GoVilnius, the PORTAL isn’t a one-time project.

We should expect more of these popping up with organisers planning dozens of PORTALS across the Europe and the world in the near future.

The PORTAL website hints that we should expect portals connecting Vilnius to Reykjavik, Iceland and London, UK.


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