‘Powerful wanderlust’: The 10 most-liked Airbnb homes in 2020

Airbnb has revealed the most-liked Airbnb homes on it’s Instagram for 2020 and you’ll be surprised by how affordable many of them are.

“Our most-liked Instagram photos of 2020 reflect a powerful sense of wanderlust with so many people dreaming of travelling as soon as it is safe to do so,” Airbnb said. 

Airbnb looked at data from January 2020 to December 2020, to determine the top 10 most-liked properties.

They include picturesque cottages and apartments right next to famous landmarks.

These are the Top 10 most-liked Airbnb homes for 2020.

10. Altar Floating House, Brazil

If you really want to escape the crowds this off-the-grid Airbnb houseboat is perfect for you. 

Altar Floating House sleeps two and will set you back $298 per night.

Airbnb homes

Altar floats on Jordanopolis dam, considered as one of the cleanest lakes in Brazil and it has been built to leave a minimal environmental footprint. 

“The house runs on solar-powered autonomous systems that can provide fresh water, total energy needs, waste and water treatment,” the Airbnb listing says.

9. Idyll Haus USA

This cosy 1962 A-frame home sits in California’s beautiful San Jacinto Mountains. 

Idyll House sleeps four and it costs $331.71 a night.

The most unique feature of the cabin is the newly remodelled master bathroom. 

Airbnb homes USA
Idyll House

It is lined with Ann Sacks tile, limestone, teak, and heated stone floors.

“From a 2-person Duravit tub you can open the sliding glass windows and feel like you are taking an outdoor bath in your own private forest,” the listing says.

8.  Window to the Duomo, Italy

This gorgeous Florence studio apartment is cute – but look at that view. 

Window to the Duomo looks out to Florence’s Cathedral or Duomo.

Airbnb homes Italy
You can not beat this view.

The property is a huge hit with solo travellers and it is priced from $150 a night.

7. Dreamy A-Frame, USA

It seems in 2020, everyone was dreaming of an escape to a remote cabin in the woods.

Dreamy A-Frame is a two-bedroom off-the-grid Airbnb home in Pond Eddy, upstate New York.

Airbnb homes
Three nights is not enough

The home has a three-night minimum stay policy with rates starting at $516 per night.

Dreamy A-Frame does not have a TV (on purpose) but it does have four tubes and life jackets that you can use for adventuring down the river in summer.

6. 19th Century Schoolhouse, USA

This former schoolhouse in Kingston New York boasts two bedrooms and two bathrooms.

People who booked this Airbnb home raved about its large kitchen with two ovens.

Airbnb homes
Get cooking in the large kitchen

Rates start at $654 per night and the home fits six guests in three bedrooms.

It has been meticulously restored while protecting all original details and even has a salt-water pool. 

5. Casa Mama, USA

This incredible two-bedroom pueblo-style Airbnb home received 46,111 likes on Instagram.

Casa Mama sits on five acres of sprawling desert in Pioneertown California.

Rates start at $391 a night.

Airbnb homes USA
This stunning home is pretty cheap to rent

The home has La Cantina out-swing french doors so you can pretend you’re in Western movie. 

It’s pretty during the day, but just wait until you see the stars at night.

4. Tanglebloom Cabin, USA

This stunning hand-crafted open-air cabin is tucked away in a Forest in Vermont.

Tanglebloom is a farm stay with two bedrooms and uninterrupted views.

Expect to pay just $118 per night.

Airbnb homes USA
You can see the wood and the trees from this Airbnb

This is an off-grid camp-like experience with no electricity or heat and you will be cooking over the firepit. 

Sadly the home is not suitable for children.

3. Lakeview Lodge, Guatemala

This glass-fronted villa is perched high up in the hills of Pasajcap and has panoramic views over Lake Atitlan. 

Lakeview Lodge has one bedroom and one bathroom.

Airbnb homes
Watch the volcano from bed

Rates start at just $103 per night.

“The garden offers fresh avocados, bananas, dragonfruits, mangos, coffee and more, depending on the season – all yours to enjoy,” the listing says. 

2. The Best View of Quintay, Chile

This incredible one-bedroom home, perched on a cliff-face overlooking the ocean in Casablanca, Chile clocked up more than 67,ooo likes on Instagram.

Surrounded by rocks and gardens, the grey loft has the best view of Quintay’s Playa Grande.

Airbnb homes Chile
The view really is sensational

Rates start at $257 per night.

“At Eduardo’s loft overlooking Playa de Quintay, the toughest decision you’ll face is whether to spend the day above the waves or far beneath them, scuba diving among wrecked whaling ships,” Airbnb said. 

1. Stone Cottage, France

And finally, the most-liked Airbnb home for 2020 is… Stone Cottage in Saint Victor la Coste, France.

A photo of the stone chateau’s outdoor pool had more than 76,000 likes on Instagram in 2020.

Stone Cottage France Airbnb homes
The pool at Stone Cottage, France

Stone Cottage is the largest and most beautiful of three cottages available to rent in the grounds of Chateau St Victor la Coste. 

Rates start at $317 per night.

Airbnb homes France
Stone Cottage, France

Stone Cottage offers a rare opportunity to stay in a 16th Century castle. It’s pool and gardens often feature in fashion shoots and advertising.

And the image that made this the most-popular Airbnb in the world for 2020?

This makes Stone Cottage look like the perfect escape. If only we could travel.

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