PONANT orders world's first electric hybrid cruise icebreaker

Ponant, icebreaker, ship

French cruise line and leader in luxury travel expeditions PONANT has announced its order for the first electric hybrid icebreaker, a world first in the cruising industry.

Powered by Liquefied Natural Gas, the new, state-of-the-art vessel is ‘Clean Ship’ certified and environmentally friendly, featuring just 135 staterooms and PONANT’s signature luxury service. It will also offer spa and wellness facilities, two restaurants with panoramic views, a grill restaurant, two helicopters, and 16 Zodiac dinghies for exploring excursions.

Ponant, icebreaker, world first, cruising


Scheduled for delivery in 2021, the ship will take passengers to never before explored polar destinations, such as the true North Pole (90 degrees North Latitude), the Weddell Sea, the Ross Sea and Peter I Island.

PONANT has appointed VARD (VARD Holding Limited), FINCANTIERI’s Norwegian subsidiary, to build the exceptional unit. It is also working with the best international experts to execute the design, including internationally renowned Aker Arctic, which specialises in the development and design of the most demanding icebreaking vessels, and Stirling Design International, a French firm of naval architects specialising in megayachts and cruisers.

Established in 1988 by Jean Emmanuel Sauvée and a dozen officers from the French Merchant Navy, La Compagnie PONANT is the world leader in luxury expeditions and the only French-owned cruise line. Today, PONANT is leading the way with a new style of luxury cruising through a unique conception of sea travel which combines exceptional itineraries and luxury hotel services, aboard luxurious smaller-scale ships.


Ponant, new ship, cruising, icebreaker

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