Polar snorkelling with Aurora Expeditions


Passengers cruising the wilds of the Arctic on small-ship cruises with Aurora Expeditions can now take part in a unique activity – polar snorkelling. Designed for the more adventurous traveller, polar snorkelling is a unique activity that offers the chance to discover what lies beneath the icy Arctic waters. From sea anemones and sea urchins, to nudibranchs, crabs and the occasional polar cod, snorkellers will witness the surprisingly colourful marine life of the Arctic.

The highlight of this experience is swimming right at the edge of the Arctic pack ice and seeing the ice formations that hide below the surface. Only basic snorkelling experience is required for this incredible opportunity and all participants are fitted out with state-of-the-art Waterproof© D9 Snorkel Dry Suit as well as a hood, gloves, boots and full snorkel set including fins, mask and snorkel. Polar snorkelling is an optional activity available across a selection of Aurora Expeditions’ 2016 and 2017 Arctic and Antarctic voyages.


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