Would you say anything? Passenger on plane sparks fury online

A passenger has come under fire for failing to follow proper plane etiquette.

A photo of her long hair draped over the back of her seat went viral online.

Twitter user Anthony posted the photo with the caption: “Would this piss you off?”

There were plenty of replies that more than disapproved of the plane etiquette error.

“Yesssss – gross,” remarked one Twitter user.

One online critic even plotted an elaborate scheme against the long-haired passenger. “I would quietly lower the tray, let her hair fall in and then close it up again. I’d tell her to keep it in her seat. If she gets pissy, offer to cut it.”

Most agreed it would annoy them and they would say something. Some Twitter users had an even cheekier response.

“A good reason to chew gum,” commented one user.

Another added, “I would braid it lol.”

A third user simply replied with a GIF of someone snipping off a ponytail.

While almost everyone online agreed this was a plane etiquette no-no some were more understanding.

“If I need the tray I’d just let her know I need to get under her hair for a sec. But why would I get mad? Flight over soon, on my merry way.”

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