Pixar fever at Disneyland

Buzz and Woody. Joy and Sadness. Lightning McQueen and Mater, Mr Fredricksen and Russell. Pixar is big on friendships and one of the biggest is the relationship between Pixar and Disney. On 13 April 2018 Pixar Fest launched at Disneyland California, celebrating all things Pixar all over both Disneyland Park and California Adventure Park.

Wearing my Buzz and Woody socks, I am front and centre for the first of the three main events, the launch of the Pixar Play Parade, which jiggles and dances up Main Street USA in Disneyland Park, led by Luxo Jr – one of the new elements. We are all like kids pointing out our favourites, and the upbeat parade has our toes tapping and faces beaming for the entire time.

Pixar Parade, Toy Story, Disneyland

Next up is Paint the Night, a high-energy parade in California Adventure Park. The parade really shines with one million brilliant LED lights on floats, costumes and props, accompanied by a great soundtrack.

Pixar, Disneyland

Highlights are Mack Truck and Lightning McQueen from Cars, Ariel and her sea creature friends, Buzz, Woody and Jessie from Toy Story, Mike and Sully from Monsters Inc, Goofy, Donald and Mickey Mouse, and a whole lot more. The parade is spectacular, with the wizardry of the technology behind costumes, characters and floats really mind blowing. The crowds really love it with many clapping and singing
along – including me.

Pixar Nighttime Spectacular, Pixar, Pixarfest, Disneyland

Saving the best until last, we cross back over to Disneyland Park for Together Forever – A Pixar Night Time Spectacular combining projections, fireworks, lights, action and music in an incredibly moving and beautiful show. We are in Main Street USA and as the first fireworks go up, we are transfixed on the amazing images appearing on the castle or on the buildings beside us. We see Buzz Lightyear flying across the sky, giving Tinkerbell a break from her customary role. The soundtrack plucks heartstrings and draws a tear or two as some of Pixar’s favourite characters and scenes sweep and form across the castle. A highlight is the house and balloons from Up floating across the sky, with more than a few of the media pack around me wiping away a little tear.

California Adventure Park, Incredicoaster, Pixar Pier, Disneyland

More excitement happening in June with Incredibles 2 zipping onto big screens around the world followed by the opening of Pixar Pier in California Adventure Park. A highlight of the new Pier is the fastest ride at Disneyland – the Incredicoaster. •


Further information

  • Pixar Fest is on until 3 September, 2018.
  • Download the app for the Max Pass – it will save you a load of time.
  • Disneyland Resort California: disneyland.disney.go.com

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