Pitcairn Island – worth the journey

Pitcairn Island

Tales of HMS Bounty’s Fletcher Christian and his crew of mutineers are at the forefront of Spacifica Travel’s new small-group tours to Pitcairn Island in 2018.

Developed in association with Pitcairn Island Tourism, take your pick of an 18-night/19-day tour, or the shorter 11-night/12-day itinerary. Both itineraries offer a relaxing stay in Tahiti, a transit stop in the remote Gambier Islands, and the epic sea voyage aboard Pitcairn’s supply ship to this historic island far, far, from anywhere.

Pitcairn Island

Once you reach Pitcairn, mingle with the mutineers’ descendants who host community dinners, walking tours, fishing trips and on-island activities. Swim, snorkel or dive in the Marine Reserve, with fish that are all colours of the rainbow and enjoy being on this sub-tropical outpost, unlike anywhere else on Earth.

Tours start on 18 February, 2018, flying Air Tahiti Nui.


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