Peregrine's Arctic

Peregrine has launched its 2016 Arctic season with four brand new itineraries that offer unique and rare opportunities to see some of the most seldom visited destinations on Earth, including an Ice Camp at 89° north and Eurasia’s northernmost archipelago. Barneo Ice Camp is incredibly remote, constructed each year to be a functioning Russian science and logistics station. After landing on the frozen runway from Longyearbyen in Spitsbergen, travellers will explore the Ice Camp by air via helicopter as well as on land and will meet resident scientists, pilots, mechanics, engineers and explorers.

Another new tour will see guests visiting one of the most remote and raw archipelagos in the world, Franz Josef Land, which consists of 191 islands in the north of Russia, while those chasing the Northern Lights will want to book in for the 10-day ‘Arctic Express’ tour to Greenland. These new itineraries feature alongside Peregrine’s classic Arctic journeys to Svalbard, Greenland and the Canadian Arctic.

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