Pearls of Saigon

For a full day exploration of museums, galleries and artists’ studios in Vietnam, go on the unique ‘Pearls of Saigon’ tour, launched by The Reverie Saigon. Through the tour, guests will be exposed to cultural artworks, which will give them exclusive insight into Vietnam’s colonial past and struggle for independence. A highlight is the walkabout of the Duc Minh private gallery featuring modern works.

Another speciality is a visit to Salon Saigon, which houses a fine arts library and showcases Vietnamese history through performances.

You won’t be left hungry with a private five-course lunch of delicious authentic Vietnamese cuisine, accompanied with live piano or a traditional Vietnamese dance.

As a complement to the day-long tour, the ‘Pearls of Saigon’ experience allows guests to view exquisite design pieces at The Reverie Saigon hotel itself. Included in this unique experience are two night’s accommodation, airport transfers and private car service.

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