Pacific Aria


One ship, 26 women and four days add up to one huge laugh, especially when it’s a Comedy Cruise to nowhere.

We are all on board to celebrate a good friend’s 50th birthday, scattered around the ship in various combinations of single and shared cabins. I am in a balcony cabin on deck 9, which is more than big enough considering for most of the time I am not in it.

I am dining on the most delicious food at Luke Mangan’s Salt Grill, as well as testing out the Waterfront and Dragon Lady, drinking a fine wine or a Corona (depending on the time of day) at Dome or Mix or Opera Bar or at the Lido.

I am talking – a lot – reminiscing about funny things that happened during our many years of friendship (yes I do remember that day on the cricket field, riding bikes on the Dingle Peninsula and riding horses in Scotland somewhere. Or was it England?).

I disappear from the crowd one afternoon and indulge in a dreamy Quartz Bed massage at the Elemis Spa that is ridiculously good.

As for Aria, she doesn’t sing a bad note – she even copes with the nasty weather we encounter. And when we all disembark after our cruise, we feel as if she too, is a lifelong friend. As long as she can keep our secrets.

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